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FollowLetter is a FREE service that lets you follow your favorite newsletters and blogs with just one click. Read, comment, save and share publications in a easy way. With FollowLetter you can discover new newsletters based on your interests and connect to like-minded people.

FollowLetter turn classic newsletters to social newsletters!

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Why you should use it?

FollowLetter will make your life easier by solving these three major problems:

Time Saving

No more email confirmation

Leaving your email and confirming it each time you want to subscribe to a newsletter is a real pain. FollowLetter will take this pain away by letting you follow your favorite newsletters by just one click.

Inbox Overload

Achieve Inbox Zero

Your inbox is a part of your life. We believe that you should use it for personal and high priority emails not for newsletters. FollowLetter is the smart and social inbox for them.


The Social Touch

Followletter add a social layer to the classic newsletters by making it possible to know who else is following your favorite ones. Commenting, sharing and saving newsletters issues is a reality now.

Simple & Clean

FollowLetter keep things simple, easy and clean!

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